Baitlok™ bait containment hook can be used on top, mid or bottom of water. It can be cast and retrieved or bottom fished. Baitlok™ can be trolled behind a boat or bank fished. The possibilities are endless. Just always know you will be leaving a scent trail wherever the hook is. With the addition of a buzz or spinner or a trailing rubber worm you dress Baitlok™ for your target species. To extend a minnows life never impale them again. The distress signals and flash of movement a minnow will emit through the Baitlok™ will drive fish crazy! Any live bait of your choice is more useful if not impaled. For our Trout line guys and gals, always know each and every hook is still baited. Stolen bait by convict fish is now a thing of the past! Just load Baitlok™ with what your desired fish will strike.


Don’t feed em’ Catch em’
It’s Just That Simple